Principal's Corner

Dear Weber Community,

I am so excited to be joining the Weber community! This year marks my 28th year in education, and though I have always known I wanted to be an educator, being a principal came to me only after many years in the classroom as a teacher. A teacher for 19 years, I learned what it means to truly reach every student every day. I learned instructional strategies for all learners. I learned that student choice and voice is central to learning. I learned “the art” and “the science” of teaching to make a difference for all students. Beyond that, I genuinely loved each and every connection made with students, teachers, and families. I loved the days where learning was “symphonic.” Where students learned and grew both academically and socially. Somewhere along the way, my values, beliefs, and experiences led me into school leadership. These values and beliefs bring me to school each day with true and genuine joy. 

I believe in relationships. Relationships are the foundation for learning. It is important for every student who enters Weber to feel connected and safe. Classrooms and peer connections are built and supported by caring adults who are strategic in teaching students what it means to be a part of a community. You will see me daily, before and after school, greeting students and families, in hallways and classrooms, and in the dining hall during lunches. Connecting with students is the true joy for me.

I believe in the student experience. I believe that, as educators, we should plan and facilitate engaging learning experiences for our students. Students should feel that learning tasks are relevant and connected to “the bigger world” outside the classroom. Learning can be messy, but all students should feel success, growth, and joy--and, ultimately, we should see at least one-year’s-growth in all learners. 

I believe in continuous reflection and improvement. Life is such a journey of reflection and growth. In both life and work, I take lessons from prior experiences in order to better understand present realities as well as predictions for future situations. Because of this reflective nature, I listen in order to understand and make decisions about being better every day. 

I believe in shared leadership. I view the school staff and families as partners who also believe in a shared vision of learning, leading, and growing together for the shared success of the school community. I believe that all stakeholders--teachers, parents, classified staff, and community members--have an important voice, role, and responsibility toward ensuring that Weber is a thriving school. I will model for our students what it means to work together, to share ideas, to make decisions, to reach consensus, and--at times--respectfully disagree.

I believe in collaborative learning. In all aspects of life outside of school, collaboration is central; thus, it is essential that schools model this collaboration. As adults at Weber, we will collaborate for the best possible student experience, and teachers will also facilitate habits of discussion to deepen learning as well as build collaborative opportunities for students.

I believe in every child who enters the doors at Weber, no matter what. Students bring unique brains and bodies each and every day, and at Weber, we work hard to ensure a culture of all students, no matter what.

I feel blessed to be a part of the Weber community as the principal. Together, we will make a difference in the lives of students. Together, we are better.

With True Joy,  Jen Carlson, Weber Principal

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